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"Helping your children get
organized one tag at a time"
Unforgettable Tags® are a great organizational tool for all children.

As the proud momma of an awesome ADHD kid, I am always looking
for innovative and creative techniques to help my child succeed
with whatever she is attempting.  

For many kids, organizing is a struggle.  
Unforgettable Tags® are just one of the many fun tools that we use
successfully in our own home.

Contains: 2 Tags, 2 holders and 4 list stickers.  Designed to close for
privacy but can also be used separately.

Some suggested uses: backpacks, suitcases, sports equipment bags.

Please be aware that there is an additional $1 charge per item for
Unforgettable Tag list stickers example
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Green UFT
UFT 12pk Extra Blank
Stickers $4.00
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Opened Unforgettable Tag

A note from Jen...

What a refreshing change this morning when
my girls were getting ready for volleyball clinic
and instead of having to run them through the
list of things to remember (knowing they'd
forget more than half of it anyway) all I had to
say was "check your tags" -
I am loving my new product
Because this is a complete
do-it-myselfer endeavor, my website is occasionally
temperamental.  If you have any problems attempting to purchase
any product please reenter my site through
www.coloringwalls.com and
try again.  Thank you for your patience and support
Unforgettable Tags are a great organizational tool created especially for
kids with ADHD but work well for all children.  These tags are convenient,
reusable reminder lists that provide parents with a refreshing change.  
Instead of having to run through the list of things your kids need to
remember to bring with them, and knowing they'll forget more than half of
it anyway,  all parents have to say now is, "check your tag." They
empower children to get themselves ready, building independence and
confidence while eliminating frustrations.
Girls reading thier Unforgettable Tags
Unforgettable Tags packaged and ready for sale
Unforgettable Tags can also be found at:
Navigating ADHD, Inc ~ Centerville Mass
"I just filled out my
tags and attached
them to our beach
bags. I think it will
help me as much
as my kids....no
more forgotten
essentials for the
~ parent comment

High 5! Tips for Back to School Success
Responsibility Chart

Introducing:                                                                                     Each deck of hand-drawn cards Includes:
The Clean Up Game!                                                                    1 Instruction card, 30 Pick-Up cards,
                                                                                                         20 Take-a-Break cards, & 3 Blank cards.
How to play…
The Clean Up Game                                                                                          
Any way you want!  

The Clean Up Game makes cleaning up a bit more fun and breaks down a big job into something smaller and less intimidating.   

Children choose a card and perform whatever activity depicted on the card.  They might get a green
“Pick-Up” card telling them to
up something with fur, or maybe a red
“Take-a-Break” card telling them to make a fishy face.  

Personalize your cards by removing the ones that may not pertain to your house or, by making up a few special ones together on the
blank extra cards included.  

Be creative and have fun with it.